Student Panel Schedule: Africana Philosophy & Global Concerns AND Philosophy of Art & Aesthetics

Saturday, April 7th

Panel 3a: Africana Philosophy and Global Concerns

2:15 pm to 3:30 pm in Sykes Formal Lounge

  1. Ngozi Mogoli, St. Lawrence University: “The Essential Debate in Black America”
  2. Katie Green, St. Lawrence University: “Eradicating Racism through the Deconstruction, Contextualization, and Reconstruction of Philosophy”
  3. Tony Wilkey, St. Lawrence University: “Cosmopolitan Identity as a Necessary Step towards Confronting Global Problems in the Impending ‘Planetary Stage of Human Development’”

Panel 3b: Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics

2:15 pm to 3:30 pm in Hannon Room, Student Center

  1. Mandy Lafond, St. Lawrence University: “In Dreams: Baudrillard, Postmodern Pastiche and the Creation of Hyperreality in David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet'”
  2. Angelique Parks, St. Michael’s College: “Genius Capacity as an Overall Inherent Struggle: Sacrificial in Nature, Eye-Opening in Action”
  3. David Sackris, University at Buffalo: “Category Independent Aesthetic Experience”

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Student Panel Schedule: Ethics & Political Philosophy AND Environmental Philosophy

Saturday, April 7th

Panel 2a: Ethics and Political Philosophy

11:30 am to 12:45 pm in Sykes Formal Lounge

  1. Daniel Gross, SUNY Potsdam: “Is/Ought and What Moore Brought”
  2. Cooper Thompson, St. Lawrence University: “Rossian Pluralist Theory and Ideal Observer Theory: Key Features and Measurement of Consistency”
  3. Nicole Carnevale, St. Lawrence University: “Cicero and Oakeshott: The Rule of Law and the Individual”

Panel 2b: Environmental Philosophy

11:30 am to 12:45 pm in Hannon Room, Student Center

  1. Matt Darcy, St. Lawrence University: “Immersive Integration: Reconciling the Self’s Alienation by Restoring Its Ecological Foundation”
  2. Brandon Rudroff, University at Buffalo: “Reassessing Normative Concepts in the Practice of Ecological Restoration”
  3. John Gatti, St. Lawrence University: “One Pill that Will Change Your Life”

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Student Panel Schedule: Epistemology & Metaphysics AND Ancient Philosophy & Philosophy of Mind

Saturday, April 7th

Panel 1a: Epistemology and Metaphysics

10:00 am to 11:15 am in Sykes Formal Lounge

  1. Patrick Kelly, University at Buffalo: “A Response to Experimental Philosophy’s Challenge of Epistemic Intuitions”
  2. Emily Birch, Hamilton College: “Descartes’ Idea of God: Clear and Distinct or Fuzzy and Vague?”
  3. Chris Hall, St. Lawrence University: “Mystical Truth, Cybernetic Truth”

Panel 1b: Ancient Philosophy and Philosophy of Mind

10:00 am to 11:15 am in Hannon Room, Student Center

  1. Geoffrey van der Woude, SUNY Potsdam: “On Imitative Poetry in Plato’s Kallipolis”
  2. Garrett Watson, St. Lawrence University: “Aristotle’s Communitarian Ethos: A Contemporary Application”
  3. Sarah Baver, St. Lawrence University: “The Existential Zombie 

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Call for Papers

1st Annual St. Lawrence University Student Philosophy Conference 

  • Conference dates: April 6-7th, 2012
  • Location: St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
  • Keynote Speaker: Paul Forster, Ph.D., University of Ottawa
  • Keynote Lecture: “Quine on the Misguided Search for Spiritual Comfort in Philosophy”

We are calling for papers for our 1st annual student philosophy conference.

  • Submit papers to:
  • Deadline: Friday, Feb. 24th, 2012.

We are accepting papers on any philosophical topic! The purpose of this conference is demonstrate the relevance of philosophical inquiry to students, and thus any paper grounded in a philosophical framework that seeks to critically evaluate and offer meaningful commentary on a subject is welcomed.

Facebook Event Page

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